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9 April 2013
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4 key weaknesses to be tackled: TDRI

The Thailand Development Research Institute plans to focus on four key weaknesses holding the country back.
“Over three years, TDRI will churn out research studies to shed light on the solutions to these problems,” its new president Somkiat Tangkitvanich said yesterday.

The four chronic issues are the lack of home-grown innovation, poor and lopsided education standards, widespread corruption and lapses in fiscal discipline.

They needed urgent attention, otherwise the country will not be able to move forward. Without eliminating these obstacles to progress, the country will not be able to break out of the middle-income trap and prepare for an ageing society, he said.

The country depends too much on imported know-how instead of inventing its own technology.

The country’s advancement will hinge on being more creative. A start would be basic innovations, such as devising a new way to conserve energy.

To ensure fiscal discipline, a parliamentary budget office should be set up to strengthen legislative supervision of the government’s spending plans.

Graft might not be eradicated overnight but an awareness campaign was expected to be launched to educate the public on this plague on society.

“TDRI expects the country to turn a new chapter after tackling the four issues,” he added.

First published: The Nation website on April 8, 2013